Latest food trends to rule London

This year is set to be an exciting one for fans of dining out, from Instagram-worthy dishes to turmeric and charcoal, we’ve got a roundup of the trendiest dishes of 2018.

Hyper-regional street food

Chicha on Bold Street offers unique South American dishes with plenty of veggie options
New South American street food dishes with plenty of veggie options

Think super specific regions of food, like the unusual selection of street food restaurants we already have them across all major cities in the world.

Instagram-worthy food

Picturesque food for social media.

The idea of picturesque food, fit for social media is not a new concept with the rise of Instagram and food bloggers. But it’s set to become even bigger in 2018/19.


Caribbean food from Italfresh
Caribbean food from Italfresh

The Jamaican concept of Ital is similar to that of a plant-based diet, with the belief that followers should eat food grown from the earth.

Portuguese food

Nandos: The piri piri that fuels us all.

Although Portuguese food is obviously nothing new, demand for it has risen in the past couple of years.


A tiffin box from Liverpool Indian street food restaurant Mowgli
A tiffin box of Indian street food restaurant

The Indian spice is praised for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.

In India, it’s been taken in the form of a dietary supplement for years, and other countries are starting to catch on.


Crust on Bold Street's famous black charcoal pizza base
Crust on black charcoal pizza base

You may have seen darkened versions of your favourite foods gracing the internet but what gives it that hue and is it good for you?

Activated charcoal is one of the trendiest ingredients as of late, thanks to its detoxifying properties.


Open top sandwiches from Hus on Tithebarn Street
Open top sandwiches.

With Scandinavian terminology like ‘hygge’ (which roughly translates to warmth and cosiness) entering our everyday vocabulary, the region’s hearty dishes will soon be household staples.