Are you looking for quality saffron with best price?

Look no further.  Klasyo Ltd Have Exceptional Quality Saffron Sourced Directly From Local Afghan Farmers. This is their promise to the customers:

Our product is 100% genuine saffron with no additives.

High quality saffron grown by and sourced from local farmers in Herat province of Afghanistan, area with ideal conditions for saffron plant.

We work with our farmers directly and source from them only highest quality hand picked and traditionally dried saffron strands.

Afghan saffron is ideal for your favourite dishes as well as experimenting with new tastes. Achieve the classic rich saffron colour and taste of your rice dishes or other savoury recipes with ease; amaze your guests with unique dessert flavours (we swear by vanilla and saffron combination!). Or why not throw a saffron strand or two into your tea pot for subtle, exotic alternative to your usual favourite.

For your convenience, our saffron comes in food-safe, sealed containers to help you keep your saffron fresh.

In addition, all our packaging has been carefully selected for its high aesthetic quality should you want to purchase our saffron as a gift or simply display it in your kitchen. (Just be careful to keep the see-through top away from the direct sunlight as the spice may loose its fragrance and colour.)

Address: 109 Nauls Mill House, Middleborough Road, Coventry, CV1 4DB


Tel: +44 (0) 746 015 0831