Afghan Business Association, UK (ABA-UK) is one of the oldest independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation that brings together British – Afghan businesses from across United Kingdom to help them network, find new clients, form partnerships and get business done.

ABA-UK creates a better business environment for its members through sharing knowledge, business expertise and opportunities.

As the leading organisation of its kind in the United Kingdom, ABA-UK is at the forefront of campaigning and lobbying for the interests of British – Afghan businesses, supporting pro-growth government policies and providing its members with vital connections and networking opportunities to give them an edge over their competitors.

Our mission:

To unite, promote and work for the interests of British – Afghan businesses in United Kingdom, at the same time serve the community and country by creating innovative businesses, jobs and opportunities for all.


  • Bring British – Afghan businesses together
  • Provide guidance, networks and a marketing platform to find new clients and customers
  • Provide guidance and assistance with new business registrations, expansions and partnerships
  • Hold networking, business matchmaking and business promotion events
  • Make introductions to key decision makers among partners, members and government agencies
  • Provide regular updates on British business affairs through alerts, newsletters and events
  • Support companies wishing to expand throughout United Kingdom.
  • Support in providing translation and interpreting services
  • Guidance and support on travel, visa and licensing services